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Bu Deech
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BU DEECH Restaurant is a unique specialized Chicken Joint; owned & Operated by an enthusiastic
Entrepreneurs. Having met with an early success in UAE, when the 1st Branch established in 2017
in ABU DHABI; Bu DEECH started to acquire more outlets in UAE and the GCC.
The Headquarter is based in Abu Dhabi and currently operates all over UAE including KUWAIT,
OMAN & SAUDI ARABIA on the way.
Bu Deech is unexpected fusion of Chicken Sandwiches and Bites. Even the name "Bu Deech"
which means Father of a Roaster; belies what awaits our guests when they walk through the Door....
A Fusion of Sandwiches, Bites & Drinks, which is made in a new and Creative ways with a unique twist.
Our Operating units are are all contemporary upscale , funky theme, focused on providing our
guest with trendy, uplifting and all encompassing Experience.

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