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Welcome to Proper Food Company

The Proper Food Company is a Unique Specialized F&B company, owned and operated an enthusiastic group of young Entrepreneurs. 

Having met with early success in UAE though their Camel Cookies, where their first bakery, Camel Cookies was established in 2013, in Abu Dhabi the groups started acquire outlet throughout the UAE to create additional Restaurants and Bakeries

About Us

our story

Today Proper Food Company Has More than 10 concepts and more than 20 branches all around GCC countries. we are now present in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, and KSA and Planning to expand Internationally. Proper Food Company Develops and create lifestyle concepts and services 

Our Concept



Camel Cookies is an unexpected fusion of cookies and style. Even the name and logo – are a mismatch that belies what awaits our guests when they walk through the front door …
A fusion of Cookies, Coffee and Cold drinks which is made in a new and creative way, bringing local flavors such as dates, Arabian Coffee and Saffron with a modern twist.      

NAPO is influenced by ready to eat food made in the streets of Napoli, NAPO welcomes you all  with its yummy trattoria in the heart of  Abu Dhabi's Spirited Marina Al Bateen Our team consist of 15 Passionate PALs who make you feel at home with the menu that combines amazing Italian ingredients alongside the mouth watering desserts, some prominent dishes in our menu are cacio e pepe pasta, rigatone e tatufo, Blue Mushroom Fettuccine, Diavola Pizza, Bresaola Tre Colori, Napo Pizza

Breadzone  formed in 2016, is another popular brand under Proper Food Company used to supply only all the fresh buns and bread throughout our other brands. but got a lot of praise and make separate bakery shop to deliver fresh pide and quality manakish and now having a 2 virtual outlets to serve all around Abu Dhabi.

Ozo is Inspired by Japanese Street Cuisine, OZO captures the tradition of authentic Japanese food. It has been given an ambiance and interiors inspired by Japanese Izakaya and street Kiosks commonly found in Japan. OZO aims to create innovative flavors by experimenting new tastes. Itis not just Japanese food, but also an overall experience that takes you to the streets of Tokyo, where people meet and socialize with an entirely different dining experience. Our dishes are inspired by the cuisine enjoyed by generations throughout Japan. In spite of being a specialized dining experience, OZO has the perfect flavors and atmosphere for any gathering.

ASH flavors are incredible to a subtle balance between sweet and sour, and the use of fresh herbs and spices and it is also therapeutic for the body and soul.

ASH always care about how healthy our meals are, so it is no surprise that our food that you will experience  is a mixture of the most nutritious, fresh ingredients that we are serving daily to our customer

CML Station was to consider the traditional Emirati culture and make a modern interpretation that was unusual.

The goal of the space was to create a lounge experience, a cozy
ambience that was as modern. 

The spaces were neutral with modern finishes, fun
ideas and signature counters balanced the
touches of Arabian cultures. The idea was to
make a provocative and alluring brand that
harbored the seen and be seen culture.

Raju Ji serves as the home of enriched, authentic Indian recipes, along with adapted Indian cooking with a touch of contemporary tastes and new flavors. Raju Ji brings a fun and creative approach to Indian dining in Abu Dhabi and offers a gregarious, spirited dining atmosphere to the customers.

The food served at Raju ji is remarkable as it's made from high-quality ingredients, most of which are natively produced in India, cooked earnestly and served warmly. The diversified menu spans around classic Indian street food, tandoori specialties and cross-regional curries as well as assorted Indian beverages and desserts.


is devoted to capturing the essence of Bahraini Street food. Exciting flavors from Bahrain and the Gulf are gathered creatively with classics like hummus, tikka Bahraini and charcoal tea.

We had to pay tribute to Bahrain's legendary street grills.. scattered around Manama's old souk serving rustic kabab and tikka with some bread, and of course, lime to squeeze!

Our signature rose ice cream is displayed in traditional metal bowls topped with rose buds.

ZAZA is a place of all the new, creative and innovative ideas and food. Its a place where our guests are entertained and amazed by our food and beverage presentation and all the great branding tools and ideas offered to make their experience unforgettable.

Bu Deech Restaurant is a unique specialized Chicken Joint; owned & Operated by an enthusiastic
Entrepreneurs. Having met with an early success in UAE, when the 1st Branch established in 2017
in ABU DHABI; Bu DEECH started to acquire more outlets in UAE and the GCC.


Come and Join the 

Proper Food Company


Passion drives our ambition to grow, every day. We view hospitality as fluid and ever-changing, influenced by culture, preference and an innate desire in us all to enjoy something meaningful. This is our model of reality that influences our decisions, how we treat each other, how we take care of our guests and how we create and sustain a unique service.

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